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Creativity is our DNA

Welcome to opensource.mtu.edu, Michigan Tech’s home for all things free and open source!

Michigan Technological University prepares students to create the future and there is no question that the future is becoming more free — more open source.

With the majority of big companies now contributing to open source projects it clearly a major trend. All supercomputers (including our own super computer: Superior), 90% of cloud servers, 82% of smartphones and 62% of embedded systems run on open-source operating systems. More than 70% of ”internet of things“ devices also use open-source software. 90% of the Fortune Global 500 pay for the open-source Linux operating system from Red Hat, a company that makes billions of dollars a year for the service they provide on top of the product that can be downloaded for free. The open-source hardware movement is roughly 15 years behind its software counterpart, but Michigan Tech is a leader in the field, and it could catch up quickly. In order to attract students that are excited about technical freedom and open source we want to make Michigan Tech’s contributions much easier to find.

At Michigan Tech, crazy smart students do! They invent, design, code, create, compete and share. Their discoveries make humans healthier and technology smarter. Together with researchers, faculty, and industry partners, Huskies create the future through research and a vast quantity of that is now open source including over 6,000 articles housed in our Digital Commons. Please feel free to use any of our open source offerings and join any of the open source developmental teams even if you don’t (yet) happen to call Michigan Tech your home.

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